Our Staff

Marvin Huddleston-Owner
Marvin has spent thirty-five years as both an emergency health care provider and as a CPR instructor. He has been a volunteer with the Roanoke Emergency Medical Services, a paramedic with the Roanoke Sheriff’s Department, a flight paramedic with Life Guard 10 helicopter, and retired as a Captain from the Roanoke City Fire/EMS department with 28 years services. In 1987, Marvin was named Firefighter of the Year for the successful rescue and resuscitation of a 38 year-old victim of carbon monoxide poison. Marvin was named the Jaycee Outstanding Young Firefighter for Roanoke City in 1988. He was nominated again in 1994 for Firefighter of the Year for the successful resuscitation of a 1 month old baby. In 2007, Marvin was the officer in charge (OIC) on the successful resuscitation of a patient that was stabbed in the heart. This call was also nominated Call of the Year for the Roanoke City Fire/EMS department. Marvin has an associate degree in Emergency Health Sciences (paramedic), and has over 40 years of experience teaching CPR and First Aid.

Tom Bier – Instructor

  • Retired Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief
  • Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Over 35 years experience as a Fire/EMS Instructor