Our Staff

Marvin Huddleston
Marvin has spent thirty-five years as both an emergency health care provider and as a CPR instructor. He has been a volunteer with the Roanoke Emergency Medical Services, a paramedic with the Roanoke Sheriff’s Department, a flight paramedic with Life Guard 10 helicopter, and recently retired as a Captain from the Roanoke City Fire/EMS department with 28 years services. In 1987, Marvin was named Firefighter of the Year for the successful rescue and resuscitation of a 38 year-old victim of carbon monoxide poison. Marvin was named the Jaycee Outstanding Young Firefighter for Roanoke City in 1988. He was nominated again in 1994 for Firefighter of the Year for the successful resuscitation of a 1 month old baby. In 2007, Marvin was the officer in charge (OIC) on the successful resuscitation of a patient that was stabbed in the heart. This call was also nominated Call of the Year for the Roanoke City Fire/EMS department. Marvin has an associate degree in Emergency Health Sciences (paramedic), and holds numerous certifications as an instructor in fire and emergency services subjects.

Claudia Huddleston
Dr. Claudia Huddleston brings forty-four years of experience as a Health Care Educator, Registered Nurse, and Paramedic. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Mary Baldwin College; her Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech; and her doctorate from Liberty University. Her previous employments include nursing management in the Emergency Department and educational leadership as an Associate Professor of Emergency Health Sciences. She has also worked as a missionary nurse in Korea, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Moldova, Burkina Faso, and Zambia; furthermore, she has worked as a flight paramedic, and was one of the first female paramedics in Virginia. Her mission work to South Korea resulted in one of the first Intensive Care Units to be built at Wallace Memorial Hospital in Pusan, Korea. In addition, her work in Zambia allowed her to be one of the first nurses to practice in a remote bush area. She currently serves as an Emergency Medical Services educator and evaluator, and volunteers on various health care committees and organizations such as the Baptist Disaster Relief Organization.  Although officially retired, she continues to maintain her volunteer serve as a nurse/educator.